About The Artist

Dr. Bill Sabino was born in New York City where he grew to appreciate many art forms.  The ability to translate art appreciation into practical terms started at an early age when he began to draw.  His first grade teacher recognized his artistic potential and recommended he attend an art school. By the time he was nine years old, he had created his first oil painting and for three tears attended Pratt Institutes youth art program.  Here he learned drawing, composition, and the techniques of art.  Upon high school graduation and a stint in the Marine Corps he entered Pratt Institutes Fine Art Program.  In the mid 1960’s he exhibited his art in New York City and became president of the Pan American Art Club.  Later, family responsibilities caused him to take a hiatus from his involvement in the art world and it was not until the late 1990’s that he began his professional career painting in oil and water mediums.  Since that time he has not only been involved in expanding his own art career but has been involved with several art associations, chaired shows, taught classes and works to help other artists improve their skills. He has been in many east coast shows and his work has been displayed in several galleries in Florida, Virginia and Cape Cod.

Artist Statement

Art is one of the most important parts of my life!  I believe that my spirit lives within each piece of art that I create. To me the process of expressing myself creatively is seeing life thru my artist eyes.  I give life to my art thru the use of line, contrast and color.  Line is how I view the subject thru my eyes, it is how the subject is shaped.  Contrast gives form to the shapes and depth to the art.  I am a colorist using a limited pallet.  Color ties it all together first by bringing harmony to the art, and second by establishing the mood of the art.  As representational artist who paints by instinct and imagination I am always trying to capture the essence of the subject.  I try to create art that has depth, movement and interest for the viewer.  My art at its best is colorful, well composed and pleasing to the viewer.

Where to see my art

My Studio: THE VILLAGE ART STUDIOS, 578 N. US Hwy 1, Tequesta, Florida 33469  text 757-871-2808

Gallery: Angilen Gallery, 105 N. Why 1, Tequesta, Florida call 561-745-6775

Vulcano’s Italian Restraunt, 221 S US Why 1, Tequesta, Florida,33469                                Call: 561-747-2880 for reservations.